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“Talent is good, practice is better. Passion is best.”

I am an interior designer with a truly international spirit. I am based in the Netherlands, but as a full-time working mother and owner of two dogs I value the modern, flexible way of working. That is why I provide e-design that simply transforms spaces. With a background in Business and Project Management and a passion for interior design I completed my diploma at the Interior Design Institute.


​My background of having lived in four different countries along with my international family has helped keep my passion for interior design alive. Having lived in Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Poland, and with a Greek husband and Swedish brother-in-law, has helped me to understand and develop my favourite design styles and given me a unique perspective on interior design. Living in Barcelona made me fall in love in marble elements, pattern floors and cotton materials. Travelling to Greece taught me the benefits of harmony and balance achieved through contrast, such as white and blue colours that create a feeling of a fresh sea breeze in the house, or natural stone flooring combined with soft rugs for cosiness. Swedish designs, on the other hand, showed me that sometimes less is more! The simplicity and practicality of Scandinavian design can never be forgotten. Unpretentious materials, natural wood, muted colours, and botanicals create a wonderous sense of harmony and imbue life into an interior space. Since I started my interior design journey I have enjoyed every single working day!

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