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“I create Premium, Stylish, Functional and Warm spaces that reflect my clients' personality and lifestyle.”
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/'nati/ adjective

  • stylish

  • well designed

  • clever

  • current in style

  • tidy in every detail


Premium, Modern - Scandinavian Spaces with Mediterranean Touch!

Welcome to Natty Interiors - an online Interior Design Studio based in the Netherlands, which specialises in premium, stylish, functional, and warm spaces, whether for your home or a small business.
My name is Natalia and I’m an interior designer and the founder of Natty Interiors.
Interior design has a profound impact on people’s emotions and my job is to find the interior design elements that improve effectiveness, creativity, happiness, relaxation, and comfort.
I help people bring out the beauty, cosiness, and purpose from their indoor spaces. I am a firm believer that interior balance can improve human wellbeing. Balance from my perspective entails the perfect mix and match between smooth and rough textures, dark and light colours, warm and cold materials, matt and shiny finishes, etc. Therefore, I carefully choose the elements that, when combined, work to complement each other to their fullest.
I help to visualise spaces, from a floor plan to a full 3D furnished model. I specialise in working with a combination of my favourite styles: Contemporary, Modern and Scandinavian.

Hi, I am Natalia and I am an Interior Designer! 

I am an interior designer with a truly international spirit. I am based in the Netherlands, but as a full-time working mother and owner of two dogs I value the modern, flexible way of working. That is why I provide e-design that simply transforms spaces. With a background in Business and Project Management and a passion for interior design I completed my diploma at the Interior Design Institute.


“Talent is good, practice is better. Passion is best.”

What I Do



for Home & Small Businesses

for Home & B2B

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How I work





What People Say

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Elly, The Netherlands

Natalia helped us with a bathroom design for our new house. We gave her  a floorplan and she created 3D visualisation and material selections and we are super happy with the result! She was very understanding and responsive!

Sarah, Canada

I have used Natalia's help with my bedroom renovation in Bohemian style. She created Moodboard and selected all the furniture and accessories. She was really passionate and had some practical tips. The room looks stunning! I would definitely hire Natalia in the future!  

Marta, Poland

Natalia created different options of furniture layout for us, as we were not sure what will fit in the baby room. She created Moodboard and gave us great tips and styling suggestions! It was a pleasure to work with her!

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