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Interior ALL IN

This is the complete Interior ALL IN package. Are you buying a new house, restructuring the walls but having problems visualising everything? I can prepare the complete design for you, including a proposal for the optimal layout, selection of colours, materials, finishes, furniture and lighting along with 3D visualisation of your space. Additionally I offer a 360 degree panoramic view which will bring you to virtual reality!

The package includes:

  • Consultation call

  • Moodboard capturing the style

  • 2D layout option

  • List of materials, colours and finishes (digital material board)

  • List of furniture, lighting and accessories

  • 3D realistic images

  • 360 degree panoramic view

  • One free revision 


The prices are brutto and per one functional room <25m2 (livingroom/dinning/kitchen/bedroom/bathroom).  

Need a Custom Service?

Get in touch with any questions or custom services you require.

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